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The Parent-Self Assessment (PSA) program is designed to help users determine their effectiveness with children. It consists of six in-depth assessments and one short assessment covering all six areas of parenting. Users can take the assessments anonymously or they may register a screen name and password so that they may return to the site at a later date to review their previous assessments or take the assessments again.

The first screen allows the user to enter a screen name and password. Bypassing the screen name and password allows the user to be anonymous in taking the assessments. (A Session ID will be assigned to the anonymous users.) Users will be taken to the introduction screen for a short overview of all assessments. Selection of an assessment can be made at the bottom of the screen. The assessments are all designed to have the user rate a series of statements on a scale from 1 to 5, where 1 = not true of me and 5 = very true of me. Users may answer any of the statements they choose; their final assessment score will be calculated as a percentage of the number of questions they actually answer.

After taking the assessment, answers are shown by categories for the user to determine their strengths and weaknesses as a parent. The next screen shows their assessment score and a horizontal bar graph. User reaction can be entered on this page as well. The next page allows the user to select from at least three options: 1) see suggestions for references on this particular topic of parenting, 2) take additional assessments, 3) exit the program, or 4) register with a screen name and password (for anonymous users). Selecting "see references for this particular topic of parenting" will take the user to a page containing links to parenting web sites, books, and other suggestions. If the user selects to take additional assessments, a screen is displayed showing the users current assessment scores with links to all other assessments.

On the page where all current assessments are shown, scores are sorted by assessment and then by date. This allows users to see their scores over the course of time after hopefully researching the suggestions given after their earlier assessments. Users can take assessments at any time, although only one assessment per day per category will be saved. Taking an assessment twice in one day for a particular category will simply overwrite the existing assessment.

If a user has entered the site anonymously and then decides to register, selecting the link to register a screen name and password will convert all of his anonymous records over to his screen name. He can then re-enter the site at a later time using his screen name and password and review his previous assessments. The "PSA Home" link on the menu at the top left-hand side of the screen will take the user back to the home page. The "PSA User Guide" will give users an overview of the web site. The link for "PSA Add my email address to your mailing list" will save user's email address to a file so that announcements concerning upcoming parenting events can be sent to the user.